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Absolutely amazing special effects makeup!

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He vomitado el amor - Nerea Delgado

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Fui la única que cree una carpeta de nombre con?

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Ir a un examen. Ver “Nombre”. Escribir tu nombre y apellido. Ver en la siguiente línea: “Apellido”. Sentirte un tremendo idiota


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Incredible 3D Drawing Illusions

Italian artist Alessandro Diddi uses the simple mediums of pencil and paper to create incredible anamorphic pencil drawings that look completely three dimensional. The illusions appear when the drawings are viewed from a particular angle and then they appear to pop right out of the page. The drawings are intentionally distorted to create the spacial and dimensional illusions. Diddi states, “I want my drawings to put across the message that the eye can trick the mind and make you believe that there are dimensions that are not really there.” From this point of view, the artist has definitely achieved his desired effect. These images are amazingly real.


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